Sunday, 18 September 2016


A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of “Changing the narrative”, and finding the strength to walk away from situations that no longer honour you. I received so much positive feedback from that post, and with it being one year since I started blogging I wanted to thank all of you who read my blog and support my work. It means a lot to know that your voice is not only heard but positively affects those who come across it. 

Writing that post helped me identify some of the things in my life that I wanted to move away from, and the things that I wanted to create within myself. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve taken some L’s this year, including some personal ones and on a few occasions I thought I was going backwards, undoing all the work I had put in, but thats the thing with growth, its not always so straightforward and it doesn't happen all at once.
 During that time I came across the book “The Compound Effect” and began re reading the “Defining Decade”  by Meg Jay, two great books which talk about the need for patience, persistence and how as individuals we are built in small consistent actions which eventually compound over time. 

“We are all self-made men and women, but only the successful take credit for it”
- Darren Hardy  

I know now that no one can permit or judge my growth/ development but me and that loses don't give you the excuse to sleep on yourself. Feeling stagnant or disillusioned may just be a necessary part of the process at times. However we should never forget to give thanks for where we are now or downplay the work it took into getting us there from where we came from. I'm no longer fearful of losses or failing the way I used to be, some of my greatest personal developments have come through times like these and I'm thankful for those experiences. They've made me more resilient and I no longer feel a way about removing myself from people and situations that are no longer worthy of my time. 

During our journeys we will face situations that may result in us taking our eyes off the ball. Whatever it is your dealing with know that it's possible to lose and still win. To turn your tests into testimonies, to use those situations to fuel your success rather than as an excuse as to why it got delayed.

Last night I performed my monologue I'm Tired for the first time at the #thatwoman, I am Art event. After the show I took a moment to celebrate having achieved something I probably wouldn't have had the courage to do a couple of years ago.

I'm learning that coming into our ideal selves doesn't happen overnight but rather in smaller actions and personal investments that compound over time. That we have to be the first ones to celebrate our efforts even when others fail to and that in order to do so we have to commit to the idea that we are worthy of blessings and deserving of better. 

With that being said, I'd like to invite you all to my upcoming production "Love me to death" a play inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Details on tickets and more info can be found here

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